4th Annual Reject Conf

Conference Schedule

Presenter(s) Title Time
4th Annual Reject Conf - All Evening Day 2 at RubyConf 2007
Ryan Davis Introduction
Gregory Brown PDF-Writer Announcement
Michah Martin I have a little dream
James Stewart acts_as_amazon_product
Anthony Eden RDDB
Dr. Nic Williams Magic Controller & Rubigen Intro
Eric Mill rubedo - A ruby jukebox for your network.
Tom Preston GOD (like monit only awesome)
Steve Bristol Less Js Routes
Ben Bleything IRB History
Aaron Patterson CSSPool
David Koontz Monkeybars
Adam Williams scenarios
John Long serve
Brian Guthre Design by Contract - handshake
Martyn Garcia
Mikkel Garcia
Charles Nutter Call to Action
Myrus Becker Tools for PDF searching and extraction
Ryan Davis SchemaProcessor
Andrea O.K. Wright Demos of gosu, Chipmunk, and Shattered Ruby

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